How to become a "GREAT" nurse?


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So, I have a very important question for those of you who made it through nursing school already and have found the key or key's to a truly successful, informative and very knowledgeable career as a nurse. I am currently in my 5th semester out of 6 in my traditional BSN program and I honestly feel DUMB!!!!! I truly want to be a GREAT nurse and not just an average one that goes out just to do the job and go home. I want to know what I'm talking about and be confident in my skills and knowledge. I don't know if it is my nursing program that isn't preparing me for what I need to know, or if it is just all on me or a combination of both. Can I please get suggestions on what I should do to truly increase my knowledge base to where I can feel confident and go in to the hospital knowing that I have what it takes? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you all so much for the support.

Nursing school is primarily focused and giving you a beginning knowledge base to take the boards. It only gives you a glimpse at the real complexity of being a nurse. While in school study hard and prepare for the Nclex. When you get your first job if you want to be a great nurse then just throw yourself passionately at the job. Read up as much as you can about your specialty and stay current on evidence based practice. Try to learn something new from every patient you are in contact with because they all have something to teach you. Learn from your mistakes and believe me you will make them. Every shift try to think about what you could have done better and try to work on it. Give yourself credit for successes too. Just work hard and go the extra mile for your patients. Give yourself time and greatness will follow if it is meant to be.