How to become a pct in NJ


I will have my cna certification in a few weeks but I'd ultimately like to work as a pct. I know they're the same minus phlebotomy and EKG. How would I go about becoming one? Do hospitals train you? Any additional advice would be appreciated!! Thank you!


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I live in NJ and I work at 2 different hospitals as a PCT. Both will hire CNA's as PCT's. At one hospital we do not draw blood (the phlebotomist will come up and do it) but we can do EKG's. At the other hospital we can draw blood and do EKG's. Whatever hospital you get hired at will make you sit through some sort of course (which you get paid for) to teach you everything they expect you to be able to perform. Good luck!


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The hospitals in nj will train you. You will not get a job though unless you have some kind of previous training (CNA, nursing student, home health etc) or unless you know someone. It's all about who you know. Took me 2 years to get a Pca job in nj and only because I knew someone in HR