How do you become a PACU Nurse?

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Hello! I’m a medsurg nurse, practicing for 1 year and 9 months thus far. I floated a lot so I have some experience in ortho, tele and observation. My question is how do I safely get into PACU. I know it is a part of critical care nursing and I want to feel confident in my skills.

Should I try a post surgery floor before attempting to apply for PACU? Most PACU positions require two years of experience in surgery or pre-op. I just wanted to clarify how I would get that experience! 

I’m trying to avoid having to go the ICU route because I would have to do an ICU fellowship which involves most of the time a 2 year contract to the hospital and also requires alot of time outside of the being on the floor in class etc. 



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My pacu won’t hire you without critical care experience.  I know not all are that way, but you really need it so you can understand what you are seeing before it all goes bad.

Managing the airway is a lot of the job.  I would at least get some progressive care experience.