How to become a nurse? where do I start?

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I know I have to take pre-reqs, but should I volunteer at a hospital first? Like what are some things I should do to prepare before getting into nursing school.

You don't have to volunteer. But, you should definitely do your research and know what you're getting yourself into before you jump into a career in nursing. It is a very stressful profession and it might not be what you expected going in. I would recommend talking to numerous nurses and get their perspective. And, if possible, show some nurses in different settings.

I would suggest getting your Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) license. You can usually take the class at your local community college. The classes usually take about three months to complete, though my school offered an accelerated two week class (8am-5pm everyday but Sunday.) Work as a CNA while you get your prerequisites, the pay is okay and it will give you a really good idea of what being a nurse actually means. Sometimes your hospital will every offer tuition reimbursement!

I also feel like my CNA experience really made my nursing school application shine. And now that I'm in nursing school, I feel like I already know most of the skills that are supposed to be learned during the first semester. Though I have yet to graduate, I have heard that CNA experience also gives you a leg up when applying for jobs after graduation.

Good luck! :)

Start by searching these boards. There are many ways to become a nurse, ADN, BSN. second bachelors. Research the web, talk to nurse friends, connections, you could volunteer or become a CNA.

I think if you do not have the time to work, becoming a volunteer is a great idea. It doesn't make you become a nurse, school does. But volunteering will allow you to make connections and get familiar with the hospital environment.

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