How to become a maternal newborn nurse


I dont even know if I'm in the correct place, but I would love to become a maternal newborn nurse. I just dont know how to get there... help? All i have is my CNA experience, but my licence expired... is it possible to get it without going through the CNA process again?


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Well, you need to start by becoming an RN. And no, you don't have to have a CNA license before you're an RN.

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You need to get an RN, and probably a BSN for best chances. Do well in school, especially your OB clinical rotation and make friends with your instructor and the nurses on the floor. If possible, do your capstone or partnership in OB.

I'll also add that you should only pursue this route if you want to do other types of nursing as well. You might not like OB once you start school and there is no guarantee you'll get a job in OB right away, as they are very competitive. You may have to work in another specialty for a few years.

As far as your CNA license, it depends on your state. You can probably just pay a fee and renew it, but depending on how long it has been since it expired, you might need to retest. Call your state board of nursing for more information.

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You need a RN to become a maternal newborn nurse. It doesnt matter if its a an associate degree or bachelors. I hear some states its ok to be a LPN/LVN, but it depends on the state. Please check your state.

CNA/medical assistant experience is ok to get a job as a assistant in maternal health. If you trying to get some experience while in nursing school I would recommend it. You will get to know the unit, know the manager and staff. Easy transition and you will be a better candidate compared to someone without experience when trying to apply as a RN later down the road.

CNA licensing depends on your state. Once it expired, you may have to retake a CNA program.

I wanted to go into maternal newborn too. I worked as nurse aide in postpartum and intern in L&D. Unfortunately, there was no new grad job available at the hospital I worked at.

Many nurses suggest to get your experience in med-surg before specializing in L&D and Postpartum. I took a New Grad job in med-surg. I tried to get my DONA doula training/certificate/volunteer. It was tough working full time nights to finish the certificate program. I am still trying to do this the best that I can and just do a lot of CE readings in Maternal Health and OB-GYN.