How to become independent LPN in the home setting?

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I need help with the process on how to go about being an independent LPN? I live in WI & would like to take the opportunity of helping patients in their home but don't know how to go about doing this legally. 
please help.  Clinic LPN x's 20 yrs

Hi Kelly, there is some great info online, look up nurse entrepreneurs. I met an amazing lady through their FB page who created an ebook on how to get started on your own, not sure I can give her name here. As for me, I began getting my own clients through an app called Care. My situation is unique because I have to bring my daughter with me, so I enjoy the flexibility of choosing my shifts and choosing my clients. I'm also insured. This is mostly private duty caregiving, though I also provide nursing skills if there is a doctors order for it. I haven't dug into all the legal aspects except for taxes and insurance. But I make $30 hourly doing this.

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Wow! Great idea. So does their insurance pay you or is it out of pocket? 

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Does anybody know if LPN's in Wisconsin can do ear flushes in clients home.  I do them in the clinic setting but can't find info about outside of a clinic setting.  It is in our scope of practice to flush ears so I am not sure.

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