How do you become a holistic nurse?


I have been a RN for a long time and have worked all areas and ages from NICU, Peds ER,GI, PACU and now DON at a home care company. I have always been interested in nutrition, herbal medicine, CAM because they all treat the whole person and don't just treat the symptoms. How do you get started in this area? Where would you find a job with some exposure to begin learning?

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I joined the American Holistic Nurses Association just for my own interest. They have a certification program for RNs and BSNs. I would start there.


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Thank you for your help.

Providence60, MSN, PhD, RN

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Hi, good for you for wanting to do more with all the experience and expertise you have acquired over the years! Becoming certified gives you not only credibility but also gives you options for advancing your expertise as well as your income. If you are interested in increasing your income through helping others with health and wellness, understanding the difference between coaching programs vs certification programs is critical. The only program I know of which is nationally accredited to deliver credentials is the NIWH (Whole Health Training and Education - Accredited | Holistic Health Programs). They are credentialed by the Institute of Credentialing Excellence and give ANCC nurse CE contact hours. Their program provides you with the training to obtain your own NPI number and training for working with doctors or on your own. This program has a long list of credentials from being in business 41 years, so a solid resource to at least check out. Good luck!


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Thank you. I appreciate the information you provided and will look into it.