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How to become a certified RN in the US

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Hello All,

Thanks for reading my thread. I really hope someone can help me out with the problem I am having. I am currently engaged to a filipina and I am working on getting a fiancee visa to bring her to the US so we can get married. She has a 4 year degree and is a liscensed RN in the phillipinnes. I currently live in South Carolina, and she is wanting to practice nursing once she gets here. I am not sure what all needs to be accomplished or the steps that need to be taken to get her to be able to be an RN in South Carolina? Will she have to go back to school? Will she have to take some tests to be state certified? I would appreciate any insight to this topic. Thanks again.

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Try going to the BRN website of South Carolina and read up on the requirements for international nurses. That's your starting point. If you have any questions then contact them as they're the only ones who can really give you a straight answer. Congratulations & Good Luck

Thanks alot.....they were able to give me step by step instructions!!