How should An AZ graduate to apply CA license



Everyone. I am totally new to this site. I am going to graduate in December from Norther Arizona University. I have no nursing experience or any nursing license before. I intend to work in California. How should I start to apply CA license? I called the board, the lady didn't give me any information.

My plan is to get a CA license, possibly get an AZ license too, but CA license is my priority. I hope I can get some answers from you. Thank you so much.

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When you take NCLEX, fill out your paperwork for California licensure. You should be able to download the application for licensure by exam from the CA BoN website. You pay the fee and when you pass NCLEX, you are granted a license from the state of California. There is really no reason to pay for a second license that you do not intend to use.


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I suggest doing the online application through Breeze now and starting to send in some of your stuff, like previous transcripts and fingerprints, etc. In my experience as a Texas grad applying for a CA license, the BRN is excruciatingly slow at processing everything so it might be better for you to start getting stuff in to them as soon as possible in order to have all your ducks in a row come graduation time!