How is Akron Children's and UH rainbow?

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Hi all, 

So I am looking to make a possible move from my current state (NE USA) to Ohio for the more affordable cost of living, to be closer to some family that is there, and because I mainly want to work at a children's hospital as a nurse, and I cannot do that here because the traffic is so bad (we have one dedicated children's hospital in the next state and the commute is 2.5-3 hours each way, I know because I tried it, geographically it's on 45 minutes away).  

My brother and SIL live in NE Ohio, so my main choices are Akron Children's and UH rainbow... Happy to hear if there are other options! I have just read some very negative feedback online regarding Akron Children's from former and current employees, and am wondering if anyone that work at either hospital can fill me in on the work culture and work conditions of both.   I am also wondering what the pay will be around for an RN with 17 years of experience.    

My Ohio nursing license is in process, I just need to get the fingerprinting done! 

Thanks for any info regarding anything related to my topic!





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