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Where can a nursing student go to complete a RN program when he/she has failed a course in a present program and the program will not allow him/her to repeat the classroom course? An adding note is that the student made a "B" in clinical for that course and it is his/her second year into the program. Why have to start all over again with NO credit for past completions? The efforts made by working students with families and responsibilities must be considered.

Has 21 years experience.

From what I understand, the reason that schools will not accept credits from another nursing school is because the information and how it is delivered is unique to the school. One school may have different areas covered under different course codes, etc. It doesn't make one school better than the other, it's just hard to make sure that everything from school A is the same as the courses from school B that are transferred in.

I have heard of one school in my area that would consider a transfer student at the level of where she had failed. The school is small, for profit, and lacking major accreditations. Yes, the graduates can take the boards, but some employers would not hire them and if they decide to go on further than their associates, they may likely be starting from the beginning or paying top dollar for another private school that would accept them based on where their associates is coming from.

Is there anyone you can talk to about getting readmitted to your former school? Possibly appeal the decision? Usually one fail can be forgiven after a semester or so off as long as its the only course that was failed in the past but every school is different with what they will accept based on their policies.