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Hi.  I am relocating to Houston Texas and am applying for an inpatient mental heath nurse position at the Michael E. DeBakey Hospital.   I am currently working at a VA and love the population and my current job but for family reasons need to move.  I was wondering if this hospital uses a 72/80 schedule. I was also hoping to hear from anyone that might have nursing experience there and how you felt about it.  

Thanks in advance!

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The Houston VAMC has its own webpage, and if you skim down the page, there is a number to call the nurse recruiter for information about openings.    https://www.VA.gov/houston-health-care/work-with-us/jobs-and-careers/

I have never worked there, so unfortunately have no information for you on that experience.  I hope you get some helpful responses, and wish you well with your move/transition.

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Thank you! I appreciate your help. I never think to just call and ask the recruiter!


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