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Housing near Tarrant County College

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Hi! I am going to be applying to TCC's nursing school this August and my fiance has been accepted into their PTA program. I was wondering if anyone knew of any places to live nearby.

We are on a tight budget/ only living with financial aid, savings, and some family help- looking in the $700-850 price range. We also have a baby.

Any advice or areas to look in would be greatly appreciated!!!


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There are apartment complexes right accross the street, you guys could take a drive by the school and check the apt's out. Also, maybe craigslist ad's for rentals near the college.

Congrats to you both!!!

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There are only a few pockets of apartments in Fort Worth. Most of the housing downtown near TCC is going to start in the upper 800s-900s for a small one bedroom. If you are willing to commute 15-20ish minutes, there is a large pocket of apartments in the Hulen Mall/Cityview area where there are many options in your 700-850/month price range. The next closest area I would consider "safe" to live in with a reasonable commute to TCC Downtown and in your price range would be the North Richland Hills/Bedford area. I would not recommend any of the apartments along 30 going into Arlington that are in your price range or anything in Haltom City/East Southeast Fort Worth. Those are going to be your high crime areas.