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I've been an RN for 5 years and have just applied for a House Resource position in my hospital. I think I have a good chance of getting this job. I know it's a group interview. Does anyone here have any ideas what type of questions they may ask or what they are looking for? How I should prepare? Anyone here hold this position?I'm not sure this is the right forum.

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Right forum just asked a lot...try searching and if you still need help ask specific questions. Just my opinion, if someone else wants to give questions go for it :-)


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I had that position for a while but went back to the unit because it paid less than bedside nursing. They want to see that you are well-rounded with med-surg background and have great IV skills. They want do know that you can resolve disputes and complaints within the hospital. they want to know that you work well with others as you will be house-wide. They want to know that you have good relations with MD's to solve problems. They really want the critical thinking/problems solving skills. give them examples as to how yo've resolved complex patient care issues and problems among staff. See if you're required to fill staff positions for short staffing - this happens in Ed and ICU, so they'll want to be sure that you can do that too.