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What is a typical week like as a CRNA? What type of hours do you work? How much on-call is involved? How easy is it to juggle career and family? I'm currently working on my BSN and have a 4.0 (so far, knock wood), and am planning on going into critical care when I graduate - there are a couple of hospitals in my area that promote their programs to orient new grads into ICUs. Once I graduate and get a job, the husband and I are planning on having a couple of kids while I get experience. If I pretend that we can plan it all, we'd have two, two years apart, and I'd go to CRNA school when they were 3 and 5. Who's done this? Also, my husband works for an internet company and is able to work from home when/if necessary - he could be the one to stay home with sick kids and I wouldn't have to worry about it. Thanks!


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Why not complete your BSN, get a year of experience then go to CRNA school. I would think that it would be much easier on you even if your husband does work from home. You have to remeber that CRNA school will probably be one of the most difficult times in your entire life so adding even a new puppy could be stressful let alone having two kids under four that you won't be seeing much of for nearly 3yrs. Sorry if this seems negative but it is reality and I don't even have kids.

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