8 hour versus 12 hour shifts

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quite a choice. if you're lucky enough to have a choice. what is good for one person may not be good for another. our facility is in the process of changing from an 8 hour nursing department to a 12 hour one. it has not been an easy adjustment. how do you fight for a choice?


I don't know 12 hour shifts aren't that bad once you get over the exhaustion of changing. I used to work in a facility that only had 12 hour shifts. The nice part was that you got most of your work done in the 12 hours that you were there and you would be out the door two minutes after report was over. I now work in a facility that has a mix of 12 and 8 hour shifts. My floor is an 8 hour shift and let me tell you if I don't already put in a 10-11 hour day. So for me twelve hour shifts is a good thing. But I doubt that it would ever come for me again. Good luck

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