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Hi, I live in Ohio an I am a Medical Assistant. I have an Associate degree in Applied Science. A two year program.:uhoh3::o I have been doing this for close to thirteen years now. I just recently started a new job and I was started out at $15.50 in an Internal/Pediatric office assisting one Physician. I know M.A.'s around here start out of school at between $10.00-$12.50 an hour depending on what kind of specialty office they choose. Lpn's in the area start out around $12.00 an hour and the only place that will hire them are LTC centers. So it really comes down to what kind of nursing you want to do. If you want to work in a hospital, become an R.N., if you want to work in a LTC center, become an L.P.N., if you want to work in a medical lab, a hospital or doctor's, office, become a Medical Assistant. It all depends on what type of patient setting you are looking for. No matter what you choose, if your heart is in the right place, you will be very happy.


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I work in nursing homes and rehab facilities in Kansas. I get offended if offered less than $19 an hour. Although at my first nursing job I got $14 an hour because I didn't know any better. I had origionally applied at hospitals after graduation and was offered $11 an hour. I worked at the first nursing job for about three months. Had 120 residents and 2 cnas and myself and that was it. For $14 dollars an hour! I heard of a place from one of my cnas that paid their cnas $14 an hour and applied and was hired on the spot for $20 an hour and they let me pick my schedule. There I had only 30 residents with 2 cnas and many other nurses in the facility. So, from experience, ask around and apply at a lot of places before you take a job.


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Well unfortunately LPNs are very low on the pay scale atleast where I live. If I want to give up my benefits I can make $30 an hour for an agency. I was Lucky to start a $9 an hour when I got out of school 10 yrs ago. Now I am up to $14.89/hr. LOL and barely above the poverty line. So it depends on the area I believe but still disapointing when you get there.

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im tryen to get a job as an lpn in kileen or somewhere around copperas cove i have 3 yrs behind me in nursen homes and home health anyone have any clue what id be maken:uhoh3::uhoh3:

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