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Hi all...

I suppose this is the "right" forum to post this question...and I am NOT intending to start a DEBATE here, please!! I was just wondering what information you provide to new mommies about circumcising their sons. I am really not looking for personal opinions as to right or wrong etc...JUST wondering what kind of INFORMATION is actually out there! Thanks a lot for the effort of a reply.

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mostly cultural and personal preference. The jury is still out and controversy continues. The last piece of research I read did find a slightly higher rate of UTI in uncircumsized. I would not reccommend either way.

I tell them what it is and that it is their choice to have it done or not. That some doctors recommend it and others don't think it is necessary. Like the prior individual I find that different cultures differ in the need for it. Even the AAP swings back and

forth on its recommendations. So, just give your mommies the information and let it be their choice.

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I have one son circumcised and one not as gynae doctors feel it is no longer necessary due to our high hygiene levels today. My oldest son is 21 and my youngest son is 14. It doesn't seem to matter to either of them. Let's not interefere with nature.

I tell new parents that circumcision is a personal decision and everyone feels differently about it. I also go on to say that it is currently not viewed as medically necessary but it is controversial at best. If I know that the parents are leaning towards having it done, I tell them that some doctors may not use anesthetic for the procedure and they will want to talk this over. I do this because I know many MD's who think this is not traumatic to newborns, and I disagree. Parents should know that the option for pain-control does exist. I personally feel that performing this procedure without anesthetic should be a crime. RN's should refuse to assist in these cases, in my opinion.

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