Hospitals are cleaning house


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Its absolutely unbelievable lately. 3 nurses have been fired in my department. First they fired a full time nurse, then they fired our director, and Friday our supervisor was fired. I guess they figured we were too top heavy. They aren't telling us why, but I'm assuming its to save money. Our director is now over Hospice, Home Health, Acute Care Unit, Durable Medical Equipment. How can he manage all this??? I know that my supervisor and directors put in TONS of hours and many times were working at 6 AM in the office until 8 pm.

Another hospital near my town is doing the same thing getting rid of the higher ups.

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Many facilities are "restructuring" as needed. It happens every once in a while. Actually, one hospital I work for has completely turned over their ER administration... At least they waited until after the holidays.


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Middle management is expensive, these are FT jobs with salary & benefits. The more they can cut, the cheaper it is. Nurses are hourly workers, and if you can cut enough of them to PT or per diem you don't have to pay out benefits.