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Hospital Volunteer as Pre-Nursing Step

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I'm currently on LOA (leave of absence) from university for a year. I've always been interested in the medical field, specifically the nursing profession. But before I make a major life change, what actions might I take that would give me a general idea about nursing? I have oodles of time and I might as well put it to good use.

:idea: I've been thinking of doing hospital volunteer work to be familiar with. I've been googling, but nothing comes up for Philippine hospital volunteer work. :o

Are there any volunteer programs here in the Philippine hospitals? What are the requirements?

Thanks and good day,

Charmedbuttercup :wink2:

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from what i gather, you have no background whatsoever in nursing, correct? i don't really know of any hospitals that offer volunteer work in the city. maybe district hospitals do, though. however, it seems that the volunteers they choose have medical backgrounds already.

you can try ERUF, i guess. they accept volunteers from any background. if i recall correctly, they only require your commiment. and it's kinda like ER nursing.

but hey, ask around. i don't know that much, either. :lol2:

good luck.

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Thanks for the fast reply. :)

Unfortunately, ERUF (from what I've googled) is based on Cebu City, while I'm here in Bulacan. I can volunteer here and in Metro Manila.

*sigh* Hospital volunteering isn't prevalent here, methinks. But I'll ask around. I can also be active in Red Cross Youth, I guess. :) I just want to have concrete experiences, that would help me gauge my personal interest, passion, and commitment for the nursing profession.



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