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does anyone have any info regarding hospitals in MA that seem to be hiring relatively new nurses lately? Either in Boston, or anywhere else in the state.

Any input would be so helpful. Thanks so much!


The BI has 4 new grad (clinical nurse I) positions posted on their website. I don't know what level of nursing education you have, but I KNOW for a fact that they do hire new grads from ADN programs. Regardless of what level of education you have, I think connections, at times, play a big part in who Boston hospitals hire- especially people who have no RN experience. I'm sure you've found this out already first-hand. This phenomenon is something that I'm against, but I can only hope that it's not universally true. Have you looked into hospitals out west and north (ie- MetroWest Framingham, Lahey Clinic, UMass Med Center, St. Vincent's/Worcester Med)? They might also be hiring.

Here is the BIDMC's job website: http://www.bidmccareers.com (you've probably already been there, but just in case you need the link).

Just went on MetroWest Med Center's website (http://www.mwmc.com)- they have some med/surg positions open at both their Framingham and Natick (Leonard Morse) campuses. The only ed/experience requirement is "-Current licensure as an RN in the Commonwealth of Mass."

Just in case you haven't been to this website: http://www.mhalink.org - this is the website of the Mass. Hospital Association. If you click on "hospitals" it should give you an alphabetical listing of every hospital in the state.


Specializes in pediatrics.

Wow, thanks so much for all your help!

I have a friend at BI who is a RN, and she is trying to help me get in there.

Metrowest called me for an interview a month ago, and i tried to call them back multiple times to schedule an interview, and they never called me back!

I should keep trying i guess.


No problem. Good luck, I hope you get hired soon. If your friend works at the BI, tell her to ask HR about whether or not they have an employee referral incentive program- I think they had one when I was a CNA there (not too long ago).

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