Hospital Sponsorships In Bakersfield, Ca


I have heard a lot of people talk about getting sponsorships or claiming veteran status to help get into the Bakersfield College RN program. I am just not sure what each means or how to get them. Anybody who has done either or and could give me some insight on it would be great! Thank you in advance.

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Contact the education dept at San Joaquin Community Hospital and ask them about their sponsorship seats at BC. I received a sponsorship. It is very competitive though. You will need a high GPA, high TEAS score, and excellent professional and academic recommendations. Once they narrow it down, then they do panel interviews. When I got in, there were only 6 spots, and current employees automatically get spots unless they fail the teas.

Not sure if Dignity does sponsorships anymore. The semester that I applied, they didn't offer any spots, but it is worth a call to find out if they have started to again.


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Thank you so much for the information!