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I'm about to become a senior of BSN program, and I'm thinking where to apply for jobs in the upcoming semester. Do you guys know any info on hospitals? For example, I know that ped unit is the best on Levine's Children Hospital. What about other units? Are there any reputable units in other hospitals like UNC, Duke, Atrium Mercy, Atrium Pinevile?
Thank you!

UNC and Duke are good hospitals. Duke for cardio especially and have tuition perks if you plan on going back for NP or something else. WakeMed is a level one and will have good learning experiences, they get a lot of prison patients too, just FYI. Are you looking to stay in the Raleigh/Durham area or branching out to other NC cities?


Thank you for your reply. It was informative.

I'm currently in Charlotte area. I was thinking to apply to hospitals near Charlotte and Raleigh/Durham area. Do you have any info. on Atrium Health (possibly Pineville & Mercy)?

Do you have any personal experience on working at Duke and Chapel Hill? How hard is it to get employed there?

Thank you!

Duke and Chapel Hill are good hospitals, especially Duke. People from all over NC go to Duke for different reasons, and that's where most critical patients go (think car accidents, etc).

Charlotte is about 3 hrs from Raleigh/Durham area and there are no Duke/UNC hospitals there. Charlotte has the Carolinas and Novant hospitals. Carolinas is the county preferred hospital and a teaching facility, but Novant treats their employees better IMO. I heard Mercy is alright. Pineville is considered the "wealthy" area of Charlotte and I heard the patients can be demanding and condescending. However, don't hold me to that because I haven't worked there to really know for myself.

If you plan on going to the Raleigh/Durham area then you would probably need to move there because that is a long drive.

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