Hospital policy on Incorrect drug count


So I was pulled in to office from floor to tell me because of a mistake in the Omnicell. I explained what happened which was I tried to fix my mistake and made an even bigger mess but they told me they had to suspend me pending drug test. OK I know it will be clean but because they use an outside lab it’s going to take 6-7 business days to come back but if it is clean I will be paid for all days on the schedule. The test doesn’t come back the next week and I get a call from HR stating they lab just got the sample and now it’s going to be another 6-7 days. At this time I’ve missed 2 weeks of work. So now I get the call everything is clear and I should get the missed time on my pay check. Well I check my time and I had picked up extra the week before and now they are refusing to pay for the extra days I picked because technically I’m part time. I picked these days up prior to being called into the office and they were on the schedule and their policy reads that you will be paid for scheduled days. Before I sh the issue I just wanted others opinions about should I be paid for those three additional days since I was on the schedule for them or do you think they are correct in on paying me for 2 days since I am part time?


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Most places I've been would pay for FTE hours only.