Hospital Petition for foreign Nurse in Albuquerque or Anywhere in New Mexico



Can anyone please tell me the names of any Hospital in Albuquerque area or anywhere in New Mexico that are able to Petition for foreign Nurses..

Any information will be greatly appreciated..


suzanne4, RN

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Any hospital is able to petition. You are going to need to do the legwork of contacting them. Very few hospitals at this time are willing to start the process for anyone as we do not know when the retrogression will be over.

And if they offer a job, it is dependent on what your experience and training is.

Noticed from your previous postings that you are still waiting to get approval to sit for the NCLEX exam. I never recommend even contacting a facility until you have that exam already completed. There is not one thing that a facility can do without that exam being completed.

The other issue is that you are an Adult Branch RN. Have you completed hours in clinical and theory in peds/maternal health/mental health? If you do not have the CES completed, then the NM BON has to do their own evaluation, and that takes some time to do. With the CES, wait time is usually about two to three months, without it, 4 to 5 months is the average wait time. And that is if all needed hours are there.

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