Hospital Patient Wants to Take RN Home


When I work on these VIP units sometimes families ask if I'd like to work for the patient at home once they're discharged. According to medical recommendation, they require no further nursing care. It's just that the family is wealthy, they'd prefer to have the help, and they've established a trusting relationship with their inpatient RN.

I know other RNs do this and generally they have favorable opinions of this. I've always declined because I'm not clear on the expectations, namely whether I would be held to the obligations of my nursing license. Is my license at risk if something goes wrong?

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I've never done this but I know some who have. I believe there are lawyers who specialize in drawing up contracts applicable to the laws in your state that will let you cover your bases legally as far as hours, pay, , etc. I believe you would be held to the standards of your nursing license, yes. If you end up doing something like that let us know how it goes . . .this is something I've been thinking about doing as well.