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Hospital Nurses Gym Survey


Specializes in in reverse order...PICU, NICU, adult ICU.

If you work in a Washington state hospital could you please reply to this thread with the name of the hospital, whether your hospital has an employee gym, if it is open 24 hours, or if you receive a discount on gym memberships?

I would like to present the results (without names of course) to Tacoma General to try and convince then to open a small gym for us.

Thanks for your time!


Multicare ie TacomaG, already has gym discounts... they offer several discounts to local gyms.

I'd rather have a discount at a gym - letting the hospital focus on being a hospital and a gym focus on being a gym - with a nice discount for us employees of course ;).


Specializes in in reverse order...PICU, NICU, adult ICU.

Thanks for your reply. However, Multicare's gym discounts are basically nothing. Many hospitals do have cardiac rehab programs including small gyms which they also allow employees to use, I was hoping to get some info on which ones.

I'm not at TG... but we are allowed to use the out patient rehab gym in our building.. during lunch or before / after normal business hours where patients would be there. Sorry I think I was getting Multi and Franciscan discounts backwards - :),