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I am an RN-BSN with 4 years of experience.  LTC 2 years and hospital 2 years (med surg). I left the nursing home rehab due to a stressful working environment of taking care of 20 plus patients for a hospital job. Well hospital is less patients & more stress due to acuity. I have always been anxious but damn the nursing career has exacerbated it for sure. I am OK with my daily life but the minute I step into the hospital my brain goes into a frenzy and its making it hard because with a family to support this is the most money I've ever made and the most anxious I've ever been. I love patient interactions but don't love the unpredictability of my working environment and staff seems to carry the same stress. I take anti  anxiety supplements every shift to manage my stress, but they make me tired so imagine that, in a busy floor that requires your undivided attention and mental clarity.  Any and all support is welcome  :)

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Sometimes I think I am the only anxious one out there. Hello, fellow anxious nurse. No advice to give (there is plenty of advice already out there), but I understand the stress and anxiety. We carry a heavy load of expectations and responsibilities into an arena of unpredictability with very limited power and control. 

Lately, I have felt an uptick of stress and low morale in many hospital departments. Covid left us drained, lots of staff left, the new staff are still finding their pace, and we work short staffed, or float almost every shift. 

I hope you manage to find some peace. 


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OMG Hi fellow anxious nurse!😁 I know we all carry stress in various degrees some are just good at hiding. Well I definitely have reached the point where I'm ready for a change and my job search is on. Sending relaxing vibes 🧘‍♀️