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Hospital floor to Clinic Nursing

I have been working on a med-surg floor since I graduated with my BSN, about 14-15 months now. I have recently been given an awesome opportunity and will start at a fast growing clinic in just a few short weeks. I decided to move to a clinic when floor nursing got too much for me. I have been experiencing panic attacks and feel physically ill before some shifts at the hospital. We are constantly short staffed and sometimes I feel the staffing ratios are unsafe. The hours and working weekends and holidays have also helped push me towards a clinic. I am very excited but my other nursing friend and colleagues have tried to make me feel bad for leaving. They say clinic jobs are "so easy" and slow paced which I don't exactly think is true. I am taking a small pay cut which is worth it in my mind to love my job again, but I would be lying if they haven't made me question my decision just a little bit. Anyone have experience with this?

I have moved from a med-surg floor to OR after about a year of employment. I left med-surg mainly because of chronic, deliberate short staffing and unsafe ratio. My nurse friend from med-surg did not make me feel bad about move, but I stopped talking to her because what she always complained of work even when we were not work. I was sick of her toxic habits.

Neither short staffing or unsafe ratio is not because of you after all. Also, it is true that your colleagues do not leave the floor even though they are aware of the bad work environment. It is their decision. Never mind what they say or do.


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