Hospital-based programs run by Educators.


I am not a nurse, but I do plan on starting a nursing program this fall or in Jan '06.

I am have quite a bit of healthcare experience. I also have degrees in other fields.

To that end I am looking at an MPH program along with nursing. A thesis would be needed.

I am looking at the present move to develop hospital-based nursing programs affiliated with local community colleges or universities. These programs would award an ADN or BSN. These programs are developed and run by Nurse Educators.

They would be similar to hospital diploma programs of the past, but they would award an ADN or BSN.

In my research I have learned that the shortage of nursing instructors have limited the expansion of nursing programs nationwide. Using this model a hospital would assume the total clinical training of nursing students from pre-clinical skills to graduation. The hospital would use present RN staff as clinical instructors.

In order to gain admission to the model a pre-nursing student would have to meet the admission, college and nursing prerequisite requirements of the partner college. Of course preference would be given to hospital employees. The program could also be used as a retention tool.

Private grants would be needed. It would also be necessary to obtain commitment approval of the partner college.

How could accreditation issues be addressed? Would clinical staff be enthusiastic by such an undertaking? Could hospital admin. be sold on this type of program? Could non-MSN staff be used as clinical adjuncts? Would it still be necessary to have an all Master's prepared teaching staff?

Any thoughts?

Thank you for your time.

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