hospice rn in need!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hello everybody... I just had an interview for Hospice RN position.............8am-5pm in office doing paperwork, on afternoons i will be doing home visits, i will be on evening calls and triage. I am US citizen but i have been out of States for 10 year so I´m kind of lost regarding wages and benefits that employers are supposed to give. Currently I am a Texas Licenced RN with 2 year of experience on ER, MED/surg floor (experience earned in mexico country) Bilingual. they offer me 30 dll/hourly plus .39 per mile.(laredo tx). ... do you all think this is a fair pay????????, what are the benefits agencies regulary give to their employees and what else should I ask before I sign the job contract....

Thanks in advance, to you all beautifull Hospice nurse , more than a Job I would say it is a LOve ministry. Hopefully I´ll be joining your team soon !God Bless you all. Hugs!


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I think this is on the low end of the pay scale, but I know nothing of the average pay rates in your area.


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Hi! Congratulations on your new job. And, yes you are right, Hospice is definitely a ministry of love.:redbeathe I have been a Hospice RN for over 2 years, and although it is certainly not an easy job, it is very fulfilling. I'm not sure of the cost of living where you are, but here in south florida, rent is around 1000 for a 1 bedroom apartment. I make a salary of 57,000/yr. I think that averages around 29$ an hour, and get .50 per mile. I live comfortably on that. If they are paying you hourly and not salary, then I would say 30 is good. Hospice is not an 8 hour job. Most days I work 10 or more:bugeyes:. Good luck to you!!


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Thanks for you anwers!