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I had less than 1 year of experience in LTC and just had interview yesterday for RN CASE MANAGER for a Home Health and Hospice company in Orange city, CA. She offered me the position. I am so excited but have no idea what I am going to do. Can anyone give me an idea what a case manager would do in Hospice. She said that I will go to places to do visits like nursing homes, patients' houses.... and my orientation will depend on me, depend on how long I'll catch on things. She said that " give yourself 6 months to get used to this job and about training, you will follow another case manager. You will also can call " team leader" anytime to ask question. once a week we will have a meeting with physician, social worker, chaplain,....to discuss. Gas reimbursed is 44cents/ mile." She said that the turnover rate is really low. I will start out with 3-4 visits a day and go up when I feel comfortable with the job. I'll work M-F, 8-5. And she asked me about the pay rate which I have no idea since I just moved to Orange county, ca 1 week ago from ND. Any ideas about this job requirements will be appreciated. I just love to have an idea what is my job about. Thank you

Specializes in Hospice.

There is a lot of previous posts on this site about this. but in a nutshell, being a case manager means you coordinate the care for the patient. You also manage symptoms and help patients work towards goals they set. You help teach the family about approaching end of life. It is an awesome job, and it sounds like the company has a good orientation. I usually do 6-9 visits a day, so 3-4 will be good to start with. Where I work (in Utah) I make more than I did in the hospital.

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