whats best to study for CHPN

  1. Hello all,

    I was wondering if any of you could give me some ideas on the best study materials for the CHPN examination. I just would really like to invest in no more than one book.

    Thank You Much
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  3. by   RnRatchet
    i had both of the books offered for study for the chpn - the core book and the study guide. the study guide was usefull to get you in the mindset of how the questions will be worded.
    good luck and happy studies!
    i took it for the first time this fall and passed. word of advice.. after the test.. don't talk about it! it's in the past and you will only get yourself nervous comparing what you answered with another tester. that had to be the longest wait i can think of for results though!
  4. by   Katillac
    Hi, Tonita -

    I have to agree with RNRatchet, both books were important for different reasons. The Core Curriculum book was great for its information about disease process, meds, rules and regs of hospice reimbursement, opioid equivalency, special populations and a thousand other factual bits. But the Q/A part, both the multiple choice and the case studies (all answers provided) was WONDERFUL in that you can learn so much about how to approach a problem. These materials can help you be a better hospice nurse AND get your CHPN, in my opinion. Good luck!
  5. by   Tonita
    Thank you for the replies. I appreciate your thoughts and will get both.

    Thanks and god bless,

  6. by   Marty1
    What is name of the core curriculum book?