Thank You Hospice Nurses!!

  1. I wanted to share a story with you all regarding the hospice care my sister received this past weekend...
    When she was 20 weeks pregnant, the ultrasound showed trisomy 18 syndrome (incompatible with life.) The doctors said there was a very very small chance baby would survive if baby didnt passs away in womb, which is usually what happens with these babies. She decided to carry the baby and did so to 37 weeks. SHe delivered by c/s on wednesday (doctor said that it would be less stressful on the baby-even though I have my own thoughts about that but hey I am not the doctor!). Baby was born alive and she looked so beautiful. On saturday she was sent home with a feeding tube. At that point the neo said she actually might survive for a few months. Hospice was involved in the care. Well that same evening the baby passed. Within 30 min thehospice RN was there. She was such a huge comfort I cant begin to express my thanks. She showed her videos from parent who lost babies to trismy 18, and stayed with her for close to 3 hours until she was ready to let go of the baby. The nurse was so patient and caring. I know it sounds cliche but it truely does take someone special to work in this field of nursing...Thanks again for all you do.:redpinkhe
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  3. by   onewithhospiceheart
    Beautiful story...thank you to this nurse who upheld the compassion, integrity and beauty of hospice nursing.
  4. by   Loreta
    Very inspiring story......thanks for sharing!!!!!!redpinkhe
  5. by   Her Own Catalyst RN
    Just came across this story, and brought tears to my eyes. God bless wonderful nurses!