Thank you for reply from "mom on hospice"

  1. I am sorry for not getting back sooner but, I was called away that night and
    unable to get on line until now. Mom passed away 2am March 20th.
    We tried scopalamine patch, compazine po, ativan po and reglan po.
    The creams were asked for but the nurse did not want to use because she
    said they did not work. Please, tell me if I'm wrong but, I feel the very minium
    care was provided. This was a nightmare. It appeared has we loaded her up with MS and watched her slowly die from no water or food. Mom had N/V for 11 days and nights. The only thing ordered to give was MS and Phenergan injections every 4hrs, which mom hated. I had to keep asking for something else to try because the nurses were not doing anything except taking VS and the (one time) teaching on meds
    when mom first got home. On week-ends we were told no new orders and pharmacy would not open until Monday. Each time we were told when the nurse first arrive "I sorry I'm late I have someone else who is bad". That made us feel we were not as important (although we understood). I was told when I called in a panic that "comfort care only". Going to the hospital would
    mean that she would have to be DC from hospice. I had downloaded "Hospice Alliance" before bringing her home and knew the standards of care so I compared their promise of provision with Alliance and there seems to be a gross handling of comfort care. In fact there was no comfort at all. What should be my next step? I don't want this to happen to
    another family. It was terrible!

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  3. by   jnette
    I'm so very sorry about your loss.. please accept my most sincere condolenses.

    And I'm so sorry you had to go through this experience (and most certainly your mother!). I'm no hospice nurse and cannot offer you resolution or answer those questions that trouble you, but there are many wonderful and qualified hospice nurses here who will surely attempt to put your mind at rest and give you the answers you need.

    Again, my condolenses. ((((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))
  4. by   Mandee
    I'm sorry for your loss. It does sound as though your Mom could have recieved better care but I hope you can find peace in knowing you were there for her, my thoughts are with you.

  5. by   webblarsk
    I am very sorry for your loss and such a bad experience with hospice. I would contact the Director of the Hospice and relay your feelings. Like another poster stated, "Take comfort knowing you were there with your mother."