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I have a new patient that has leiomyosarcoma in her shoulder and it has metastasized as dime shaped fungating tumors all over her back. I covered her whole back with antibiotic ointment and ABD pads.... Read More

  1. by   cisco
    another product that works well to reduce odors is liquid chlorophyll. It comes in 8 oz bottles at most health food stores. Once the wounds are dressed, you can apply some of the chlorophyll to a 4x4 and place over part of the dressing and cover.
  2. by   jerseyRN
    Jessica, charcoal under the bed? What kind of charcoal?
  3. by   leslie :-D
    Quote from jerseyRN
    Jessica, charcoal under the bed? What kind of charcoal?
    activated charcoal.
    it comes in different forms, i.e., sponge, citrus scented odor remover, etc.
    you can purchase it in pet supplies, appliance stores, gen'l merchandise.
    i try not to get the 'scented' ones since any noxious stimuli can wreak havoc on the pts systems.
    they work well.

  4. by   a21chdchic
    I have used baking soda on the outside of wound bandages for odor control many times, this usually works very well. Be careful to not get the soda on the skin. For fungating wounds, I usually use Hydrogel for moisture to keep bandages from sticking, Xeroform (The vaseline gauze), and ABD's for wounds that I know we cannot heal. These wounds are very painful, and we don't want to make the pain worse by peeling off dressings and causing bleeding, etc. Accuzyme works well, just for the debriding of eschar, then switch back to the hydrogel, and I have aslo used the Metrogel for wounds with infection/odors.