Rant About On Call - page 2

We do 16 hour on calls on Saturday and Sunday nights and some weekdays. We recently started to take turns doing 24 hour calls on Saturdays and it has been a disaster for everyone so far. I did mine... Read More

  1. by   dosamigos76
    Our census is hovering at 80 and we have an every other weekend RN and our casemanagers do back up call. We are almost fully staffed so that the CM will only have to rotate back up call every 7th weekend and one night every two weeks. However when the CM works the weekend, they take one day off the week before and one after the call. If they are out a lot at night, we adjust the schedule.

    Been there, done that with working 12 days straight and being too tired. Don't want it for our agency. Our nurses are too important. We want our nurses to balance work and a personal life, but they can't do that if they're too tired and always feel like they're working.