preservative free morphine

  1. Hello everyone...I'm a new member to allnurses...and I have a question...does anyone out there know anything about preservative free morphine used in nebulizer treatments?? Is it okay to use morphine in nebulizers with a preservative??

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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    Katrika-found this info doing oggle search. Check out the articles, very informative

    Nebulised drugs in palliative care

    Some, but not all, clinicians use preservative-free opioid preservative-free opioid preparations in an attempt to reduce the risk of bronchospasm. If morphine is employed then the intravenous formulation should be used and not the oral elixir.
    Includes drug delivery chart

    Pulmonary and GI Symptoms at the End of Life
    "Inhaled morphine (injectable medication delivered via a nebulizer)should also be considered as a treatment alternative because it may act more quickly and have more direct effects on peripherally mediated dyspnea."

    Doses initially of 5mg morphine diluted in either 2ml or 5ml 0.9% sodium chloride or water and nebulised over 15 minutes have been used. This dose may be repeated four hourly. If shortness of breath recurs in less than four hours or it the patient does not significantly improve then the dose may be increased by 25 - 30%. The maximum dose of morphine recommended is 30mg. Preservative free solutions are preferred when preparing doses as the presence of preservatives have been found to cause bronchoconstriction and bronchitis in some patients

    Management of Common Symptoms
    in Terminally Ill Patients: Part II.

    Constipation, Delirium and Dyspnea

    Pain in the elderly
  4. by   aimeee
    Great info, Karen. Thanks for searching it out!
  5. by   tex
    I have used preservative morphine on many occasions, what a great drug and would suggest every nurse to explain and ask for this medication to the MD. It makes a big difference. What MD's, families have to understand and with good teaching this does not interfere with regular morphine of any type. Good luck, hope you have a good pharmacy that compounds meds. Tex