philly, pa chpn exam march 2007

  1. Hi, I am planning on taking the chpn exam in philly in March 2007. I was wondering where is the closest hotel to stay the night before the exam? I am hoping to walk to the exam in the morning. Also it would be fun to meet fellow rn's before the big day. If anyone knows of good review courses also, I would be very appreciative, Thank you
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    Do you know location in Philly exam is being given...need that info to answer question.
  4. by   twigmaster99
    Hi again. The chpn exam is in the HR Building on market and 9th Street. I have done online searches for close hotels, but I know there must be other hotels cheaper than 189.00 a night ( i hope so). This question is mostly directed to nurses who may have taken the exam at this site previously, thank you for any input.
  5. by   pjs91n
    You did not say if you were flying in or not, I know that most hotels there are very expensive. I visited there in August 2006 and I stayed at the Embassy Suites near the airport, this might sound far but it isn't really. They have a shuttle that goes to the very local train stop, from there is a 10minute (was) $2.00 right into Philly. The hotel was $132.00 a night it included a very full breakfast and a managers reception at night. Sometimes you can request the vacation book from PA and it has coupons in it. or call the visitors center and see if they can offer you a package deal or direct you to the right person that can. Try Marriot near the Reading Market, if I hear of anything else between now and mid-Jan I will let you know.