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  1. I receive 2$/hr on call. Apparently, we do not get paid for phone calls from our patients or their families. I feel I should, and I am looking for advice on how to approach with our Nurse Manager. Thank you!
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  3. by   tewdles
    Do you have to document the calls?
    You should be paid for your time. you are employed for your professional judgment when you are on call...that is not free and it costs more than $2/hr.
  4. by   pfeliks
    Where I work we have two dedicated on call nurses who each work 7 days on and 7 days off. They are salaried positions. The company I work for has an average daily census of about 60. The case managers are also salaried positions. When case mangers have to cover on call. We get 5 dollars an hour. If we go out we get 45 dollars per visit and 145 dollars for an admission. We also get door to door mileage.
  5. by   pfeliks
    Fwiw. Case Managers and on call nurses make the same starting salary, 65,000 dollars. Is this in line with other Hospice Companies?
  6. by   HillieRN
    Thank you Tewdles. Yes we do have to document. I will approach my manager about this. We do not receive compensation when getting report either. Usually it is only 5-10 minutes, but still...:/