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  1. Hi all, I work for a company that started off many years ago as a nursing home and has now branched out in several different directions, and I really enjoy it because the company and higher-ups are very proactive, always looking to be ahead of the game (there are a lot of nursing homes in this area to compete with). I originally started doing home care nursing here, and still am a little bit.

    About 6 months ago my administrator asked me if I was interested in hospice. I had worked in LTC and my grandma was on hospice care so I shrugged and said sure. So the CEO handed my boss a blank piece of paper and said "create a hospice agency". 6 months later, a grueling state certification process and a huge learning curve later, I am officially the hospice RN supervisor. We actually just finally received our cert yesterday.

    I actually learned A LOT during the cert process, but I have a long way to go. I am reading a book called "Final Journeys" by Maggie Callanan which has been helpful. If anyone has any advice or suggestions for resources please let me know. I plan on becoming certified eventually, although I read that 2 years of hospice experience is recommend first- is this true? Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   MillieT
    Congratulations!! I think the certification is only 500 hours of direct care.
  4. by   curiousauntie
    Hpna suggests 2 years of case management prior to taking the exam. It is VERY difficult, and that was with 4.5 solid years of hospice experience. You are "allowed" to take ot any time you want, but at almost $300, it OS not cheap. My suggestion? Get the 2 years under your belt and join the Hpna, get the and core curriculum and use them as your guide. When you feel comfortable with the tons of info there you should be ready for the test.
  5. by   unicorn40d
    After 13 years in long term care I have just changed (all most a month now) to hospice nursing. I have wanted to get into hospice nursing ever since nursing school. So far I am enjoying it and learning a lot. I see a post about HPNA and certification. Can anyone speak to the benefits of becoming certified?
  6. by   unicorn40d
    after 13 years in long term care i have just changed (all most a monthnow) to hospice nursing. i have wanted to get into hospice nursing ever sincenursing school. so far i am enjoying it and learning a lot. i see a post abouthpna and certification. can anyone speak to the benefits of becoming certified?