New hospice nurse here

  1. just found this forum and it looks like there are a lot of good questions/discussions. I have been a hospice nurse for one year at a 30 bed hospice residence. I have been a nurse for 5 yrs and would have never guessed that this is where the road would lead. But I seem to have found my niche. I really like end of life care as it seems to draw on all of my strengths/life experience/spirituality. I often have questions to ask and antecdotes to share and hope this forum will be a good place for it.

    One OT question. Does anyone know how to upload your own avatar? I couldn't find an option to allow it in the CP.

    Great to meet you.
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    Welcome! Looking forward to reading your posts. Sorry I can't help ya with your Avatar. I do believe you have to pay for a Premium Membership!
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    Yes, avatar use comes with premium membership.

    Tell us about your hospice house...what is your staffing ratio? What is your median length of stay?