new grad emplyed into hospice

  1. hi all,
    thanks for all your threads and replys,i have been stalking this site for long.ok this is my situation.graduated 6yrs ago outside u.s,had 2yrs medsurge experience b4 coming to the u.s.took and passed nclex,after all the hard work stuyding and joy of passing,its just so hard to get a job! been putting out allpication to no avail for 4months now,i realy would like a hospital medsurge position for a year and switch to hospice or psych.then i got hired for a per diem shift and they have said they will train me.ithis is hat they have offered to pay $45/hour,$75 admission,is this fai?does any one think its too much and maybe tricky?am just worried and wondering if i should thread carefully.
    thanks alot
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  3. by   shrinky
    Where do you live and work? I have been a nurse for 42 years and do not make that much $$$$ an hour. The salary sounds good to me but I guess it depends on where you live, especially for a new nurse. I guess you would not have benefits being per diem which may be why the salary is so high. Being a Hospice nurse is more independent than being a hospital nurse so if you do not feel comfortable with it then look for a hospital job until you feel that you can work more on your own. Good luck.