need to put together a quickie inservice for hospital staff - page 2

I have a 37 yo cervical cancer patient in our hospital on hospice who will be there until she dies, due to the acuity of her care. she has been there for 4 weeks now, and may last for weeks yet. ... Read More

  1. by   hospicenurse
    Well, the inservices are done. They went well, I think - and I had some staff tell me they were helpful. The first two were done with day shift. The first was all staff and we discussed pain mgt/terminal sedation as related to this patient. The second was all nursing students so I spent more time on basics of pain mgt in terminal patients. Then that evening the patient died. I came in to be with the family and staff, that went as well as could be expected. The next day's inservices were very different, but were what was needed: debriefing for both day and night shift. I gave them the handout on pain/t.s. and then we spent the time talking about how the 35 days went. Most of the staff had also experienced previous admissions with this patient. They were very connected to her, and were able to express their grief. Me too. It was a good thing, and very good timing.
    Thanks everyone, for your input - it really helped me focus.

  2. by   renerian
    Glad your inservice went well!