Learning Needs Assessment Tool

  1. Hello Fellow Nurses;

    I am looking to develop a "Learning Needs Assessment Tool" to administer to nurses (RN's and LPN's) who are interested in learning more about End-Of-Life and/or Hospice & Palliative Care.

    This tool should focus on what information the nurse feels he/she needs to know to provide competent and quality end-of-life care.

    Anyone have a good link to share and/or have questions to add to this tool that would interest you??

    Thanks in advance for your interest and help!

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  3. by   AtlantaRN

    pages 50-73 really helped me. It's more designed to evaluate the
    perception of quality hospice care, but it has excerpts from families
    comments regarding hospice care.

    I'm new to hospice nursing and maybe it's just because it's mostly in
    rural areas, but I'm finding alot of families even after what I would consider
    extensive education, still don't "get it"....like one husband, calling the doctor because patient is more nauseated than usual.....or one patient I have who wanted me to walk her dog (I did, because it was important to her), and I suppose the later, I did tell her I was here to help her stay out of the hospital and meet her needs....and walking her dog WAS one of her NEEDS.....

    Its much different than the hospital setting....

    There is a learning curve.


    post if you find another resource, because I sure could use some direction.