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  1. I am interviewing for a hospice nurse position tomorrow. I am presently a Nurse Manager in Longterm care. I haven't been a Nurse for very long, but I know that I very much want to do Hospice Nursing. Its like an ache in my gut that I can't put into words, but know this is something I should do. I am a compassionate person with a faith that there is more beyond this life. Can anyone give me words of wisdom or a way to put into words when they ask that question....Why do you want to be a Hospice Nurse. Thank you!!
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    I became a nurse (as a mid-life career change) because I seemed to be surrounded by people who were angry, extraordinarily self-centered, and whose goal in life was to make other people miserable. I didn't want to be that way anymore.

    I love hospice nursing. I get to do what nurses were meant to do: nurse the living and the dying. Dying seems scarier for the families than it is for the pts, and it's the families who really need help. We come in as a source of calm, and "voice of reason" while their lives are in chaos. We make it a little better. You've probably had those experiences in LTC, the difference now is that you will have the luxury of TIME to spend with the pts and families. This is the best job I've ever had.
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    Thank you for your replay. I am nervous...because this is something I really feel that I would be good at - and even though I have worked in the medical field for a long time, I have been an RN for only a short time. I am afraid that I don't have all the experience that I need. I have not worked med-surg. The facility does have its share of acute needs, but probably not the same as a hospital experience. All I know is I do have all the heart and compassion. Thanks again!