I am a student and I need to do an interview with a hospic nurse.

  1. My name is Cat and I am currently a student nurse. For my current class, care of the older adult I have to do an interview with a hospice nurse. I have been trying for weeks to find someone and I am hoping someone here would be willing to answer a few questions for me.1) How long have you been a Hospice nurse?*2) What made you want to be a hospice nurse?3) Do you wok in homes or a facility? If you have worked in both what do you prefer?*4) Do you have any points in which you wish you were not a hospice nurse?*5) Have there been any patients that made an impact on your life? What was the impact? Was it negative or positive?*6) Would you recommend hospice nursing as a career? Why or why not?7) Are there any recommendations you have for someone that maybe considering going in to hospice nursing?*8) Do you enjoy your work?*9) What type of formal education (training or experience) is required for this position?*10) What opportunities exist for growth or advancement?11) What are some of the spiritual concerns or issues that you hear about, and how do hospice professionals help patients cope with those concerns?12) Is there anything that you would like to add, an area of importance I missed, or any personal thoughts on the subject of hospice nursing?Thank you in advance for your help,Cat
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  3. by   Daisy_08
    I can send you a PM with the answers
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    Quote from Daisy_08
    I can send you a PM with the answers
    I've always said that Hospice nurses are angels!!! Thank you for your service, Daisy!!! I admire what you do very much! Cat, good luck with your assignment!
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    I sent it my thoughts were scattered I did want to mention that often you get the reaction like FLmed (thanks btw), the 'oh.....that must be hard' but most often the crazy eye followed by 'why, its so sad, don't you want to be happy? Why don't you deliver babies or something?' Often the later or some polite version. But I guess that is true of anyone on in ICU, ER or peds.
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    The Hospice nurses that I worked with for one of my clinical rotations were AMAZING! I remember seeing a chart of a patient who had diabetes and yet there was a chocolate donut served to him. One of nurses said, "He doesn't eat much, but he likes those donuts. I can fix his sugar if it gets too high with insulin, but he's dying. I'm letting him have that donut." I will never forget that nurse. I also watched her cradle a female patient with pillows, braid her hair, and hold her hand. She had a celestial discharge that day, and it was peaceful. This patient passed on with little to no pain, she had a precious nurse holding her hand, and it brought tears to my eyes. I was reminded to be very careful of what I said. The Hospice nurse said, "The family members will never forget the words you use or how you make them feel."
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    A PM would be fine. Thank you so much for your help.