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  1. I would love to talk with other Hospice nurses. I am from Texas and now living in the UK....
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  3. by   compassionate care
    Hi, Gail! My name's Jenny. I am an LVN hospice nurse in California. I'd also like to talk with other hospice nurses. We need to support each other. How did you come to work in the UK? And how does hospice there differ from your experience in texas? Is it as regulated? And how about the caseload and PAPERWORK? Our RN case managers have to kill alot of treesif you know what I mean. Do you use LVN/LPN's?
  4. by   mc3
    Hi Gail and Jenny,
    I'm Pat and I live in Florida. Am an LPN in hospice here, I'm also waiting to hear if I passed my HPCN cert. exam. It's interesting to compare notes about what other parts of the country are doing!
  5. by   doodlemom
    Hi Gail I'm a hospice nurse in Texas! Sorry we lost you to the UK! How is it there? Are you continuing to do hospice? I went to St. Christopher's Hospice years ago on a trip.
  6. by   sue hospice
    Hello, I'm Sue from New York, I am a hospice liason in the hospital setting, I feel I have the best of both worlds, I get to work in a hospital setting and care for the hospice patients, I either set up for them to go home, go to a comfort care home, a inpatient unit, or stay in the hospital ..I have run into a lot of interesting cases lately..Would love to communicate with hospice nurses in other areas.. to help support, and see what your hospice's do.