Hospice and Families - page 2

When I was in school, it was my intention to eventually work for Hospice. I have been working med/surg now for about 1 1/2 years. At times we get hospice patients and I always take them if I can. ... Read More

  1. by   cargal
    I was removed as case manager from the pt whose husband expected hospice to "come in and take over everything". He told my supervisor it was because I wouldn't commit to a four hour time period 2x a week. He told me he needed hospice there at the same time every day because he ran his own business and he needed to take his handicapped son to work and back . I hooked him up with the volunteer co-ordinator and gently suggested some outside help. This has been very demoralizing to me.
  2. by   waves
    cargal-well doesn't that beat all? a sucker punch. hope your supervisor treats it as a people fit issue. ideally there should be someone that will fit each situation. even if the next case manager tells him the same thing, in the same way he may react completely in a different way. it's almost primal scents or something that set some people off. don't take it personally, maybe you'll be the saviour in another tough case!