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I am new to hospice. I am perdeim. I am working essentially out of two different offices for the same company. I am not getting the best feeling from hospice. I cannot put my finger on... Read More

  1. by   renerian
    Angus you did the right thing. What are you going to do now?

  2. by   maureeno
    Originally posted by Agnus

    I can see some real workable solutions that could benefilt everyone. [BUT]
    Everyone is in LOVE with thier stress. They seem to get their sense of importace by how much stress they carry and how much they can self induce. The message I was getting we are miserable and we will not stand for anyone not being miserable along with us.
    this looks insightful to me!

    good luck
  3. by   amythstblu
    I am also fairly new to Hospice and it has been a dream of mine since I did a Hospice rotation in nursing school. I have been in my position for about 8 months and love it. That is not to say that there are times when I question myself but luckily our Hospice works with the team approach and all the nurses work together and are always willing to teach or lend a hand. Also we have a pharmacy that is very helpful that we can call anytime and check if something is covered under our per diem. Also we have a wonderful administration who supply us with retreats and a 3 week orientation that is wonderful so that helps. Maybe you need to talk to your director and suggest more of a team approach or a longer orientation. My team also makes a first visit to the patient that includes a social worker, bereavement coordinator, chaplain, myself, and a volunteer coordinator so that we all know what is going on with the patient from day one and get to meet the family. Also this makes the family feel more comfortable and you also have that support group to call on if you feel lost or unsure. Hope things get better for you because Hospice is a very rewarding career if you are made to feel a part of the team.